Second sessions at the Balladeer trials

  • Post published:26 de October de 2023
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The Balladeer project gathers momentum in July to carry out the second session of tests on the participating children During these last weeks of July, we have been receiving participants to carry out the second session of the #Balladeer project experiment. Emotiv EEG helmet used in the Balladeer project The #tests of the experiment carried out for the Balladeer project are divided into 2 sessions for each of the participating children. Thus, in the first session, participants undergo the #CogniFit test, a series of cognitive experiences carried out digitally and supervised by the psychologists who are part of the project.  On the other hand, in the second session, three different tests are carried out: the #robots video game, the #slackline video game and the #Nesplora test. In the #robots video game, carried out on a desk, the children have to select the maximum number of correct figures as indicated from among different figures arranged in a grid. In the slackline game, the second of the desk-based tests, the…

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Cibersociedad 2023

Trujillo and Sánchez visit Havana for the 3rd International Congress "Cibersociedad 2023" where they show technological solutions for the decision-making process Last week, from 16 to 20 October, our director, Juan Carlos Trujillo, and our colleague, Alexander Sánchez, travelled to Havana (Cuba) to participate in the 3rd International Congress "Cibersociedad 2023". The topic chosen for this edition was "Digital transformation: Global-local connection". Juan Carlos Trujillo in his lecture "Big Data and Artificial Intelligence to improve decision making: Success cases in health and industry" This event was organised by the Union of Cuban Computer Scientists (UIC) and featured more than 30 speakers from the Americas and Europe and more than 100 academic speakers, as well as representatives of the Cuban government, companies, economic actors and innovative entities. All these agents were presented at #Cibersociedad2023 to seek #technologicalsolutions within the National Development Plan 2030 and the Cuban Digital Agenda, and covered topics as varied as #DigitalTransformation Governance, #ArtificialIntelligence, #DataScience, #EnterpriseDigitalTransformation, Digital Transformation and #Health, #Industry4.0, #VideoGames, Cybersecurity, among others. Juan Carlos…

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Balladeer continues to make progress in number of tests

  • Post published:26 de October de 2023
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The Balladeer project continues to make progress thanks to the 67 children who have visited us in recent months Lucentia's #Balladeer project, which aims to diagnose and treat Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (#ADHD), has reached a significant milestone by successfully completing 67 tests with children between 6 and 18 years old through its dedicated #laboratory. It was during the last week that the 60 tests were passed. In fact, it is expected that by the end of this month 70 #children and #adolescents will have passed through our laboratory located at the University Institute for Research in Computer Science (IUII) of the University of Alicante. Balladeer focuses on laying the foundations for future interventions in person-centred #intelligent #extendedreality #intelligent #environments. Its main focus lies in the study of brain activity and its evolution, using a platform that combines #BigData and #ArtificialIntelligence (AI) analysis. During the tests, participating children are subjected to a series of activities designed in the format of #videogames to assess their cognitive and emotional performance. Using…

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European Researchers’ Night 2023

Lucentia was a resounding success in its participation in the Researchers’ European Night 2023 at the University of Alicante presenting the Balladeer Project Last Friday 29th of September, Lucentia team was participating in the #EuropeanResearchersNight2023 organized by #UADivulga in one of the stands located in the central area of the University of Alicante. It should be noted that more than 40 scientific stations related to the different #research projects of the university itself were set up thanks to the work of more than 600 people. More than 9,600 people attended this event. Balladeer project team During the day, the success of the #Balladeer project among the youngest children in this European project of #sciencedissemination stands out. This Science Fair was divided into morning and afternoon hours and the first part of the event being reserved for schools from all over the province, for the first time since it has been held. The #students had to register in advance to be able to participate in the #ScienceGoesToSchool event. On the…

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Artificial intelligence and breast cancer

  • Post published:2 de August de 2023
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Artificial intelligence has achieved a milestone in the early detection of #breastcancer, significantly improving the accuracy of screening and #mammograms. A recent Swedish study has revealed that the application of #AI algorithms to mammogram images has increased the detection of cancerous breast tumours in women by 20%. According to the research, carried out by health and technology experts, artificial intelligence has been shown to be highly effective in the early identification of lesions and tumours in mammograms. The results of this study have been published in the scientific journal The Lancet Oncology, highlighting the potentially revolutionary impact of this technology on effective and efficient #detection compared to the current method of double reading by two radiologists. The study was conducted on a sample of 80,000 Swedish women. The data obtained show that the use of artificial intelligence has enabled the identification of smaller tumours at earlier stages, increasing the chances of successful treatment and reducing the mortality rate associated with this disease. One obstacle that society tends to put…

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New publications in June and July

Several Lucentia research colleagues have recently published two articles within the framework of the BALLADEER and AETHER-UA projects Lucentia researchers have just had two publications published in June and July. Both articles, although different from each other, are part of the Balladeer and Aether-UA projects. The first paper, entitled "A Data-Driven Methodology for Guiding the Selection of Preprocessing Techniques in a Machine Learning Pipeline", was presented at the 35th International Conference on Advanced Information Systems Engineering. In this #paper, Jorge García, Alejandro Maté and Juan Carlos Trujillo, propose a novel #methodology for improving the selection of #preprocessing techniques, both from the point of view of the #MachineLearning model and the characteristics of the data. The second article, entitled "Feature engineering of EEG applied to mental disorders: a systematic mapping study", has been published in the scientific journal Applied Intelligence. The authors, Sandra García, Jorge García, Miguel Ángel Teruel, Alejandro Maté and Juan Carlos Trujillo, through the review and analysis of more than 900 articles, present a #SystematicMappingStudy (SMS) focused…

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Trujillo, among’s top performers

  • Post published:28 de July de 2023
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Lucentia's director, Juan Carlos Trujillo, has been included in's renowned national and global ranking of the best researchers in Computer Science in 2023 Source: Our director, Juan Carlos Trujillo, has recently been included in the #ranking of the best researchers in Computer Science carried out by, reaching the 109th position at national level and 7,605th position worldwide in the year 2023. As explained on their own website, this ranking makes use of different data sources for the classification of researchers, including OpenAlex and CrossRef. For this ninth edition of the ranking, the research activity of professionals based on bibliometric citations on 21 December 2022 has been analysed. Specifically, the key measure is the #H-index, which is based on publications and citation metrics of each researcher in order to classify them.

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Trujillo is recognised at the FUNDEUN New Business Ideas Awards Gala

  • Post published:28 de July de 2023
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Juan Carlos Trujillo and Abel García take home the Business Knowledge award at the FUNDEUN New Business Ideas Awards Gala held at the Santa Bárbara Castle in Alicante Juan Carlos Trujillo after collecting the Business Knowledge Award On the 29th of June, Alicante turned into a gala full of emotion and awards, with the celebration of the XXIX Edition of the New Business Ideas Awards of FUNDEUN (Fundación Empresa Universidad de Alicante). In addition to the entrepreneurs and innovators present, the gala was attended by Juan Carlos Trujillo, our director and co-founder of the spin-off Lucentia Lab, who took the attention and recognition of all attendees. Also present were the rector of the University of Alicante, Amparo Navarro, the mayor of Alicante, Luis Barcala, and other political representatives of the municipality. The event, held at the Castillo de Santa Bárbara, brought together a broad representation of the Alicante business community, highlighting the entrepreneurial spirit and capacity for #innovation in our region. The Awards Gala was attended by authorities, investors,…

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Quantum development in Artificial Intelligence

  • Post published:28 de July de 2023
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The University of Alicante and aQuantum agree on the creation of a research space for quantum development in Artificial Intelligence, formalised in two joint collaboration agreements Last Tuesday 21st February Lucentia Research was represented at the meeting of the University of Alicante and the company aQuantum Software Engineering, which had as purpose the formalization of the #collaboration agreement for the creation of a research space of #quantum development in #artificialintelligence. Juan Carlos Trujillo, the director of Lucentia, attended as representative of our research group. Regarding the signatories, both the rector of the University of Alicante, Amparo Navarro, and the COO of aQuantum, Guido Peterssen, were present. On the other hand, Esther Algarra, the secretary of the University of Alicante, Juan Mora, the Vice-Rector for Research, Antonio Jorge Pertusa, secretary of the University Research Institute, Mario Piattini, CRO of aQuantum and Aurelio Martínez, responsible for the application development line of aQuantum, also participated. Specifically, the two entities have been able to agree on two #collaboration agreements. Firstly, a framework agreement…

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Trujillo among the province’s 10 most influential researchers

  • Post published:28 de July de 2023
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The latest list of the University of Granada highlights the presence of more than 50 researchers from Alicante Alicante is among the provinces with the highest number and excellence of experts in the latest list published by the University of Granada. In total, more than 50 researchers from this province appear on the list, placing it in eleventh place in terms of the quantity and quality of its researchers. Among the prominent scientists from Alicante is Bernat Soria, professor emeritus at the Miguel Hernández University (UMH), former Minister of Health and Consumer Affairs and current researcher at the Institute of Bioengineering based on the Elche campus, who is in first place representing the province of Alicante. In addition, other scientists from Alicante, such as Josefa Mula Bru, member of the Centre for Research in Production Management and Engineering (CIGIP), and Miguel Yus Astiz, professor of Organic Chemistry at the University of Alicante (UA) and belonging to the Institute of Organic Synthesis, are in second and third place respectively. In…

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