Trujillo and Sánchez visit Havana for the 3rd International Congress “Cibersociedad 2023” where they show technological solutions for the decision-making process

Last week, from 16 to 20 October, our director, Juan Carlos Trujillo, and our colleague, Alexander Sánchez, travelled to Havana (Cuba) to participate in the 3rd International Congress “Cibersociedad 2023”. The topic chosen for this edition was “Digital transformation: Global-local connection”.

Juan Carlos Trujillo in his lecture “Big Data and Artificial Intelligence to improve decision making: Success cases in health and industry”

This event was organised by the Union of Cuban Computer Scientists (UIC) and featured more than 30 speakers from the Americas and Europe and more than 100 academic speakers, as well as representatives of the Cuban government, companies, economic actors and innovative entities. All these agents were presented at #Cibersociedad2023 to seek #technologicalsolutions within the National Development Plan 2030 and the Cuban Digital Agenda, and covered topics as varied as #DigitalTransformation Governance, #ArtificialIntelligence, #DataScience, #EnterpriseDigitalTransformation, Digital Transformation and #Health, #Industry4.0, #VideoGames, Cybersecurity, among others.

Juan Carlos Trujillo presenting Lucentia research

In the case of Trujillo, he was invited to give a keynote speech related to #BigData and Artificial Intelligence for the improvement of #decisionmaking. Specifically, our director focused on different success stories related to the #healthcare sector, highlighting the example of the #Balladeer project. During the presentation of #Lucentia’s current core project, the context of Balladeer was presented, giving an overview of #ADHD in #children, other models developed and our proposal, as well as the hardware and software used, i.e. the videogames developed internally. The Big Data architecture and the #DeepLearning models used for the development of the project were also discussed. For more information about the Balladeer project, please visit the website. Other cases that were presented were the #prediction of mortality risk for #COVID-19 and the prediction of ICU occupancy for COVID-19, also developed by our research group.

The Balladeer project (PROMETEO/2021/088) is funded, within the Prometeo programme, by the Conselleria de Innovación, Universidades, Ciencia y Sociedad Digital de la Generalitat Valenciana.