The University of Alicante and aQuantum agree on the creation of a research space for quantum development in Artificial Intelligence, formalised in two joint collaboration agreements

Last Tuesday 21st February Lucentia Research was represented at the meeting of the University of Alicante and the company aQuantum Software Engineering, which had as purpose the formalization of the #collaboration agreement for the creation of a research space of #quantum development in #artificialintelligence.

Juan Carlos Trujillo, the director of Lucentia, attended as representative of our research group. Regarding the signatories, both the rector of the University of Alicante, Amparo Navarro, and the COO of aQuantum, Guido Peterssen, were present. On the other hand, Esther Algarra, the secretary of the University of Alicante, Juan Mora, the Vice-Rector for Research, Antonio Jorge Pertusa, secretary of the University Research Institute, Mario Piattini, CRO of aQuantum and Aurelio Martínez, responsible for the application development line of aQuantum, also participated.

Specifically, the two entities have been able to agree on two #collaboration agreements. Firstly, a framework agreement was signed with common objectives of #dissemination, #training and #research as well as the promotion of this #collaboration in order to deepen research related to #quantum #development of #artificial #intelligence. The second of the agreements, for its part, took the form of a collaborative agreement aimed at advancing #machinelearning models implemented with quantum methodology. In fact, there are already fields that require #bigdata processing, such as 3D imaging and quantum natural language processing.

For his part, Trujillo stressed that “through this agreement the University of Alicante strengthens its position in the field of research related to Artificial Intelligence as a strategic area for our institution” and added that “the agreement with a leading company in the quantum development sector, such as aQuantum, is a strategic alliance for the development of a key technology for the development of society”.

From aQuantum’s perspective, Peterssen stressed the importance of developing “literacy in the subatomic world” because “quantum mechanics opens up infinite possibilities, but we are not educated to understand the subatomic world”.