Trujillo slips into DIH top spot

Juan Carlos Trujillo climbs to the top position among Spain’s best computer information systems researchers in the DIH ranking

The #ranking of November 2022 of the DIH group has brought with it the leadership of Juan Carlos Trujillo. Specifically, the director of Lucentia has climbed to the first position in the field of #informationsystems in the area of #computing.

Source: IHL Group

The DIH group is a non-profit organisation that publishes rankings of researchers living in Spain in scientific areas such as mathematics, biology or #informatics. They update these rankings monthly and each one is based on the #H-index, the best measure of a researcher’s quality.

This month, Trujillo has a total of 94 publications, since 2000, with an #H-index of 21. Behind him, Eduardo Fernández-Medina Patón, with 69 publications and an #H-index of 19; Alberto Abello Gamazo, with 39 publications and an #H-index of 13; and Nuria Oliver, with 31 publications and an #H-index of 11.

This is not the first time that Trujillo stands out at the top of a #ranking of researchers. In September 2019, the Spanish National Research Council (CSIC) – the largest research organisation in Spain and one of the largest in Europe – already included him in its 2019 list as the best researcher in the Information Technology (ICT) field in the province of Alicante.