Lucentia Research in collaboration with ISABIAL

Different members of Lucentia Research will collaborate with the Institute of Health and Biomedical Research of Alicante (ISABIAL) from July 2022

From July 2022, the researchers of the Lucentia Research Group, Juan Carlos Trujillo, Alejandro Maté and Miguel A. Teruel, will be part of the Health and Biomedical Research Institute of Alicante (ISABIAL). Specifically, they will contribute their knowledge in Biomedical Data Analytics, Artificial Intelligence and Extended Reality to the Clinical Simulation and Innovation Research Group.

ISABIAL is constituted as a biomedical, multidisciplinary and translational research space oriented towards basic, clinical, epidemiological and health services research, which will contribute to increasing the quality of biomedical research carried out in Alicante, as a result of the association between research groups and researchers, including in the field of Primary Care, of the entities that make up the Institute: Alicante Health Department – General Hospital, through the participation of the Department of Universal Health and Public Health, University of Alicante (UA) and Miguel Hernández University (UMH).