European Researchers’ Night 2023

Resounding success of Lucentia in its participation in the European Researchers’ Night 2023 at the University of Alicante, presenting the Balladeer project.

Last Friday, September 29, the Lucentia team was participating in the #EuropeanNightofResearchers2023, organized by #UADivulga, in one of the stands located in the central area of the University of Alicante. It should be noted that more than 40 scientific stations related to the different #research projects of the university itself were installed thanks to the work of more than 600 people. More than 9,600 people attended this event.

Balladeer project team

During the day highlights the success of the #Balladeer project among the little ones in this European project of #divulgacióncientífica. This Science Fair was divided into morning and afternoon hours, with the first part of the event reserved for schools throughout the province, for the first time since it has been held. The #students had to register in advance in order to participate in the #ScienceGoesToSchool event. On the other hand, in the afternoon, all types of public were welcomed, and the visit of families with young children was especially noteworthy.

As scheduled, at 11.00h the day began with the presentation of the authorities, among which we found the rector of the University of Alicante, Amparo Navarro, and the Director General of Universities of the Ministry of Education, Universities and Employment, José Antonio Pérez Juan. Thanks to our presentation, we were able to present to the authorities our contribution in the field of #health in #minors with new technologies.

Science goes to school: estudiantes esperando en el stand de Lucentia

After the presentations, our mission, and that of the psychologists participating in #Balladeer, focused on providing information about the project at the booth. Also, the whole community was invited to participate in the #testing of the different #video games with #virtualreality and #augmentedreality that are used as part of our experiment for the #diagnosis of #ADHD in minors. Ultimately, we were able to recruit different children and adolescents thanks to the willingness of #families to participate in the experimental tests of the project.

The Balladeer project (PROMETEO/2021/088) is funded, within the Prometeo program, by the Conselleria de Innovación, Universidades, Ciencia y Sociedad Digital de la Generalitat Valenciana.