Juan Carlos Trujillo participates in the round table of the Alicante Plaza Innovation Forum with interesting contributions on technological innovation

Participants in the round table of the Alicante Plaza Innovation Forum

Our Director Juan Carlos Trujillo participated last Tuesday, 10th November 2022, in the round table that took place as part of the Innovation Forum organised by Alicante Plaza and Aire Networks. Trujillo attended this event on behalf of the ecosystem of the Alicante Science Park.

Some of the key technologies that the director of Lucentia Research Group wanted to highlight were #artificalintelligence, #machinelearning, #bigdata and #blockchain, topics that he masters perfectly. In addition, the end of the debate had a special mention for the future impact of the #metaverse, as an emerging technology, and how this technology, together with #artificalintelligence, #bigdata and #chatbots, will have a significant impact on different relevant sectors.

Another aspect that our director wanted to highlight in his speech was the importance that Technology Based Companies (TBCs) should feel obliged to master any emerging technology. Thus, TBCs will be able to offer solutions and add value to the business ecosystem, taking into account that other types of companies may find greater impediments to the control of these technologies at an earlier stage.

From Lucentia we consider that, nowadays, there are solutions around #bigdata or #artificalintelligence that have been democratized and are not only available to large corporations, but also to Small and Medium Enterprises, so that these #SMEs can access projects that give them competitive advantages and added value over their competitors. In this way, the experience acquired and the continuous training in cutting-edge technologies, added to the reduction of different aspects such as cloud computing costs, mean that development companies, based on Technological Innovation, can offer solutions that provide an immediate and interesting Return on Investment (ROI).