Lucentia BI Suite 1.5

Lucentia BI Suite is the tool developed by the research group Lucentia for developing data warehouses and business intelligence processes . This tool consists of a series of extensions that makes possible the design of every part of a business intelligence application in an integrated manner .

Lucentia BI Suite implements a development process led by hybrid models that take into account both the user requirements and operational data sources in the design of a data warehouse which gives support to the rest of the business intelligence system : OLAP browser, data mining, ETL processes, etc.

Lucentia BI Suite allows the developer to make a data warehouse design that can be implemented retrospectively by the preferred applications of the end user. Our tool is complemented by the most widespread analytical tools (such as Microsoft Analysis Services, Microstrategy, Pentaho , etc. . ) since we are able to generate code and implementations in order to these tools can populate and analyze data structures generated on the specified platform (e.g. Oracle, Microsoft SQL Server, Postgres, etc.).

Current version
Lucentia BI Suite 1.5.0 , October 2010