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Monogram Makes a Major Comeback at Louis Vuitton is Fall 2015 Menswear Show

While we all sit under a blizzard in New York, a lot has been happening in Paris. Couture shows just started, and immediately before them,
christian louboutin pigalle pump, the world’s biggest menswear brands opened the Fall 2015 show season. One of the last shows on the schedule was Louis Vuitton, and under the guidance of men’s creative director Kim Jones, the brand’s iconic monogram canvas has made a comeback.

Jones has overseen the design on several impressive men’s accessories collections over the past few seasons, but in the past,
real christian louboutin shoes on sale, the emphasis has generally been on leather or Damier, Vuitton’s less flashy signature print. This collection does feature a new take on Damier Graphite,
christian louboutin online stockists, one with graphic rope detailing that pays tribute to late designer and artist Christopher Nemeth.

The unexpected star of the handbag show is monogram, though, and it makes its appearance in fairly straightforward ways: simply shaped bags and accessories that, on first glance, appear quite similar to bags Vuitton has made for decades. Many have contrasting trim or edge paint, though, and some come with collection-specific zipper pulls. Check out all the accessory photos below; you can expect these bags to hit stores in about six months.

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Balenciaga Giant City

Balenciaga Giant City in Charcoal Grey

Over the weekend Vlad and I made the journey up the state of Florida to Tallahassee,
christian louboutin simple, home of Florida State University, where my brother goes to school. It was family weekend, and we went up to visit him and go to a Florida State game. If you know me, Vlad, or my family, you will know that we are rather obsessed with college football. This was my first FSU game and we had a great time, who wouldn’t? Even better is FSU won. I did not own a FSU tee-shirt and had to head to the school store to FSU myself, Vlad, and my mom out. We got shirts and finally fit in with the rest of the school population. What worked out perfectly is that I took my Rebecca Minkoff Wine Nikki and my mom had her Linea Pelle Dylan Croco Shoulder bag in yellow. Perfect bags that showed off garnet and gold and we didn’t even plan it.

When I went to Ohio State I had a hard time finding the perfect red bag to wear to the games. Red bags are not always my cup of tea as far as the color goes, too bright, too dark,
christian louboutin bridal shoes blue sole, not enough oomph. So why not skip over the red and carry a grey bag to an Ohio State game (colors are indeed Scarlett and grey). I figured out the perfect college football game day bag, the Balenciaga Giant City in charcoal grey. This is the precise bag I would buy from Balenciaga, and next week while in NYC, we will most likely raid the Balenciaga NYC store. This Balenciaga bag is designed with soft vintage lambskin and accented with large palladium plated metal hardware. I have been a fan of the oversized hardware from its inception, so here it is, the ideal college football game bag. It is young, hip, funky, stylish, and comes in a plethora of colors that can suit your college team needs. Of course it would work for NFL,
christian louboutin louis sneakers, MBA, NHL,
christian louboutin cheap, NBA, etc. And even if your school looses, a la Ohio State vs Penn State this past weekend,
christian louboutin pointed toe pump, at least you will be cheering and feeling lousy over the loss in style. Buy through Balenciaga online for $1595.

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Kooba Carla Handbag

Happy Monday everyone! Waking up to this scorching day has been anything but fun. I was contemplating taking a cab rather than the Subway because I thought I might have a heat stroke down there but at 8:30am, it was ok. This afternoon will be a different story, with temperatures reaching into the 100s!! For a hot day like today,
Ferragamo Shoes Discount, you need to pull off a cool look. This model has it all right. Sporting Ella Moss Madison shorts (which I have, yay!), a Hanky Panky Signature Lace Lined Cami,
Stone island Jackets Sale, and topping it off with a white Kooba Carla Bag,
Stone Island Clothing for Men, this look goes down in my book as perfect for a dauntingly hot summer day. The Kooba Carla has never made it on the top of my favorite list, but recently I have seen it around and it has grown on me quite a bit. This white leather handbag shows off braided banding and metal eyelet detail on the top along with a knot and tassel detail on the front. Connecting the bag with the braided handle are large metal buckles. Finishing off the bag is a magnetic snap closure and two interior pockets. Buy this bag via Shop Bop for a sale price of $325 (also you can find the rest of the look there).

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Lucentia BI Suite 1.5

Lucentia BI Suite es la herramienta marco desarrollada por el grupo de investigación Lucentia para el desarrollo de almacenes de datos y procesos de inteligencia de negocio. Esta herramienta está compuesta de una serie de extensiones que permiten el diseño de cada una de las partes de una aplicación de inteligencia de negocio de manera integrada.

Lucentia BI Suite implementa un proceso de desarrollo dirigido por modelos híbrido que tiene en cuenta tanto los requisitos de los usuarios como las fuentes de datos operacionales en el diseño de un almacén de datos que dé soporte al resto del sistema de inteligencia de negocio: explorador OLAP, minería de datos, procesos ETL, etc.

Lucentia BI Suite permite al desarrollador realizar un diseño de este almacén de datos que podrá ser implementado a posteriori en las aplicaciones preferidas por el usuario final. Nuestra herramienta se complementa con las herramientas analíticas más extendidas (como por ejemplo Microsoft Analysis Services, Microstrategy, Pentaho, etc.) ya que somos capaces de generar código e implementaciones para que estas herramientas puedan poblar y analizar las estructuras de datos generadas en la plataforma especificada (por ejemplo Oracle, Microsoft SQL Server,Postgres, etc.).

Versión actual

  • Lucentia BI Suite 1.5.0 , Octubre 2010