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Isabel Marant wants you to dress like a Native American Parisian (What?)

Isabel Marant Melly Embroidered Bag, $1235. Isabel Marant Malou Emebellished Suede Clutch,
christian louboutin rain boots, $1080. Both via Net-a-Porter.

Watch out, I’m about to commit fashion blasphemy: I find Isabel Marant a bit tedious. I like her clothing on an aesthetic level, of course. There’s a reason that every supermodel and editor this side of Berlin is photographed wearing Marant almost constantly; her work is impeccable. But between her revulsion over women with breasts and her tone-deaf appropriation of the prints of native cultures that the Western world has almost entirely obliterated, she seems hell-bent on inhabiting every negative French stereotype that comes to mind.

That being said, I would wear the beads off of that burgundy bag up there. The Isabel Marant Malou Embellished Suede Clutch. Yep, and I’d hate myself a little bit for it. Why do people who annoy me have to make such pretty things sometimes?

It still strikes me as odd that a designer known for her enduring French-ness decided to take her Fall 2011 work in a direction that’s clearly based on Native America, but hey, maybe she watched Dances with Wolves and got all inspired or something. From my tone by itself, I think you guys can pretty clearly read my internal confusion on these bags. On the one hand,
christian louboutin for cheap, I’ve grown tired of fashion fawning over someone who comes across as at least a little bit vapid. On the other hand, I really dig these bags and they’re not terribly priced, another thing for which Marant is known.

I’m so conflicted,
christian louboutin sneakers women, you guys. Buy through Net-a-Porter for $1235 and $1080,
christian louboutin wedding shoes uk, respectively.

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Want It Wednesday: The Row, Bindya and Saint Laurent

After 10 days of vacation, including this past Monday to celebrate Labor Day, I’m completely disoriented. It’s Wednesday, you say? I’ll take your word for it. You could tell me I was on Mars and I’d probably consider it fact for at least a split second. I’m inclined to believe it’s Wednesday, though,
christian louboutin wedges on sale, because that means it’s time for our first post-summer Want It Wednesday, and the PurseBlog team is craving some great fall essentials.


It’s officially fall, and after binging on buying all things summery and colorful, I’m in serious need of some black. For starters, a great black bag. With the weather getting colder, I want a bag that will be able to fit my winter accessories while not giving me that killer sore arm we’re all too familiar with. That’s why this week, I’m seriously lusting over the The Row Convertible Hobo Backpack. It’s practical,
christian louboutin lace, it’s beautiful, it’s sleek and ultimately everything you’ve ever wanted in a grown up backpack the only problem is it will cost you a pretty penny. I’ll be forced to save up for this beauty, but if you’re willing to splurge you can purchase it for $3,400 via Saks Fifth Avenue.


I simply cannot believe it’s already September. While I’m reluctant to say goodbye to Summer, I have to admit, I am ready for crisp, cool, fall temperatures. There is one item that is a staple in my fall (and of course winter) wardrobe scarves. These little additions can really take any outfit to another level. So, as I begin to embrace Fall, that means I need to start adding to my current scarf collection. There’s no better way to kick the season off than with this gorgeous Bindya Pursuit of Happiness Scarf. I love the warm tones and feminine pattern. I happen to already own a few Bindya scarves and I think this one would fit oh-so-nicely with my collection. Buy through Saks for $150.


You guys are probably all well aware that I’m no Saint Laurent fangirl,
christian louboutin lady lynch, but if there’s one thing Hedi Slimane knows how to do, it’s how to dress a rock star. When you’re looking for a bad-ass leather motorcycle jacket, as I happen to be, there’s nowhere else to look the Saint Laurent Leather Biker Jacket is all a girl could ever need. Leather jackets are everywhere this fall, but I have very specific ideas about what mine should be like,
christian louboutin look alike shoes, and they run counter to a lot of the trends. Many designers are choosing to go loose and oversized, like you borrowed your boyfriend’s jacket when he wasn’t looking, but I want mine to be extremely fitted and fall no lower than my natural waste. That’s the most flattering shape for a moto jacket unless you’re rail thin and fairly flat chested,
christian louboutin flats, and I’m decidedly not an oversized leather jacket makes me look like a linebacker. This one, on the other hand, would be totally perfect. It’s the classic, archetypal rock star moto with a rock star price to match. Buy through Net-a-Porter for $5,645.

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Alexander McQueen Bubble Tote

Alexander McQueen Bubble Tote

Nothing about this bag does it for me, starting with the hardware. Actually,
christian louboutin lace pumps, the hardware is what makes the bag go from whatever to tacky. And the worst part of the hardware on this handbag is where it meets the handles. It all looks and feels so wrong to me on the Alexander McQueen Bubble Tote. And it does not matter to me that this bag waltzed down the runway,
selfridges christian louboutin, the price tag and the look are not meeting my fancy at all. And really, it is hard to make a black bag tacky, but this bag to me is overly ornate and gaudy. Too much going on with the silver charms and front pockets and buckles. All in all,
christian louboutin wedges sale, I give it two thumbs down. Oh,
christian louboutin official, and the price really puts it in a different league, making me wonder if those of you look at it and tolerate it will not be sent into disgust after seeing the tag. Buy through Net A Porter for $$2,
christian louboutin size chart,680.

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Mulberry is Spring 2014 Handbags are Streamlined and Refined

For the past couple of years, Mulberry has had a very specific target demographic: young, hip fashion girls, especially of a particularly British variety. That image has expanded the brand by leaps and bounds, but there are only so many of those girls, and they can only buy so many handbags. It was only natural that Mulberry would evolve into something more refined, and that’s exactly the track Emma Hill has put the brand on for Mulberry Spring 2014,
Stone island Jackets Sale, her last outing as Mulberry’s creating director.

Perhaps most notable is the absence of Mulberry’s signature turnlock hardware on many of the designs. Instead, the new Mulberry Kensal Bags have been outfitted with a traditional briefcase pushlock closure,
Salvatore Ferragamo Shoes Sale, echoing the bags’ more streamlined, slightly rigid lines. The bag will come in two sizes, both of which are convertible between a clutch and a shoulder bag. (On the runway, they were shown simply as clutches.) The Kensal, like the new shoulder bag based on the Mulberry Willow Tote’s zip-off clutch pocket, will be double-faced; both sides of the bag will have independent closures, leading to separate compartments. That sort of construction always makes me worried that hardware will catch on delicate knits, but I suppose those are simply the risks we take. Check out all the bags from Mulberry’s runway show below or shop the brand’s current collection via Net-a-Porter.

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Stone Island Jacket.17,
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Henry Beguelin Crocodile Doctor Handbag

Although I have what I consider an amazing handbag collection, a luxe croc piece is still missing (but will soon be purchased, I am sure :wink: ). In my dream world (come on, get your feet wet and step into it with me),
Cheap Stone Island Jacket, my first croc purchase would be a Hermes Croc Kelly Clutch,
Salvatore Ferragamo Shoes Sale, which is so unbelievably drool worthy you can not even imagine. But that is merely my dream world,
Stone Island Outlet Store, and right now we need to step back into reality. The reality world that tells me my bank account would seriously turn its back on me if I were to buy that bag. But to find a luxe piece does not mean you need to spend thousands upon thousands. We have talked about the stunning colors and beauty behind Nancy Gonzalez exotics before and now we will talk about the beauty behind Henry Beguelin. Admire the Henry Beguelin Crocodile Doctor Handbag with me. Luscious brown crocodile offset with cream stitching combine to make this doctor bag an impeccable option. There is a shoulder strap along with top handles, a zip top closure, and the Henry Beguelin signature stick figure on the front. While not super cheap, it is quite affordable as far as exotics go: Pre-order via Neiman Marcus for $1438.

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Lauren Merkin Charlotte Patent Lambskin Clutch

I saw this clutch at Neiman Marcus a week or two ago,
Ferragamo Shoes Discount, and I’ve been searching all over for the picture online. It finally showed up on shopbop, so I want to share this gorgeous clutch with you all. Lauren Merkin is a fantastic brand,
Cheap Stone Island Jacket, and I love not only the prices, but the numerous incarnations of handbags in a handful of basic adorable shapes. The Charlotte is a fantastic clutch. The shape is wonderful cute and round with a lovely flap and just the right amount of feminine ruching. The shape itself has been around for a couple seasons now,
Salvatore Ferragamo Shoes Sale, but this is my favorite version yet. The patent is surprisingly luxurious,
Stone Island Outlet Store, with a real pliable softness in its texture. When you look at it closely, there is a grain to the patent that deepens the color and adds richness. The color in person is really quite stunning, and on a little bag, it makes for a perfectly balanced statement piece. You can carry it day and night, and all for a measly $220 at shopbop.

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If you peruse PurseBlog articles on Proenza Schouler, you will see that the entire team adores Proenza, and we say so often and without reserve. Right now, though, I’ve got a bone to pick with the brand; all I want to know is,
salvatore ferragamo sale, why did they ruin a good thing with their beyond crazy hit,
Cheap Salvatore Ferragamo Outlet Online, the PS1, by taking a tomboyish satchel and trying to turn it into a ladylike, chain-strapped shoulder bag? Part of the reason the PS1 stood out from everything else when it was launched was the utility-chic shoulder strap and minimal hardware. Believe it or not, the chain shoulder strap completely changes the bag and I think it not only ruins the look, but also cheapens it.

The bag in question is the Proenza Schouler PS1 Mini Messenger bag, which is available in a variety of colors and materials. It doesn’t help that the shape isn’t my favorite rendition either, but it’s all passable until we get to the shoulder strap, where you will find oversized chain metal that leaves me feeling like this bag is inspired by instead of being from the designers themselves. This simply isn’t the PS1 I fell in love with, and that makes me a little sad. The good news is I don’t think the boys are adding this strap to most of their bags,
Salvatore Ferragamo Belt, and there are still plenty of beautiful PS1 bags to choose from. This version is available via Neiman Marcus for $1,945.

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Lucentia BI Suite 1.5

Lucentia BI Suite es la herramienta marco desarrollada por el grupo de investigación Lucentia para el desarrollo de almacenes de datos y procesos de inteligencia de negocio. Esta herramienta está compuesta de una serie de extensiones que permiten el diseño de cada una de las partes de una aplicación de inteligencia de negocio de manera integrada.

Lucentia BI Suite implementa un proceso de desarrollo dirigido por modelos híbrido que tiene en cuenta tanto los requisitos de los usuarios como las fuentes de datos operacionales en el diseño de un almacén de datos que dé soporte al resto del sistema de inteligencia de negocio: explorador OLAP, minería de datos, procesos ETL, etc.

Lucentia BI Suite permite al desarrollador realizar un diseño de este almacén de datos que podrá ser implementado a posteriori en las aplicaciones preferidas por el usuario final. Nuestra herramienta se complementa con las herramientas analíticas más extendidas (como por ejemplo Microsoft Analysis Services, Microstrategy, Pentaho, etc.) ya que somos capaces de generar código e implementaciones para que estas herramientas puedan poblar y analizar las estructuras de datos generadas en la plataforma especificada (por ejemplo Oracle, Microsoft SQL Server,Postgres, etc.).

Versión actual

  • Lucentia BI Suite 1.5.0 , Octubre 2010