MoDIC 2012
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1st International Workshop on Modeling for Data-Intensive Computing
October 15-18, 2012, Florence, Italy
To be held in conjuntion with the 31st International Conference on Conceptual Modelling, (ER2012)



Best selected papers of MoDIC 2012 will be invited to submit an extended version in a special issue of the Decision Support Systems Journal (listed in JCR, impact factor: 2.135)

Due to the enormous amount of data present and growing in the Web, there has been an increasing interest in incorporating this huge enormous of external and unstructured data, normally referred as "Big Data", into traditional applications. This necessity has made that traditional database systems and processing need to evolve and accommodate them to this new situation. Two main ideas underneath this evolution is that this new external and internal data (ii) needs to be stored in the cloud and (ii) offers a set of services in order to be able to access to this data. Following this consideration, there have lately been several proposals (also called as the next generation of database systems) based on Hadoop and Hive systems (framework inspired by Google's MapReduce and Google File System).

Therefore, this new conception of cloud applications incorporating both internal and external Big data requires new models and methods to accomplish their conceptual modelling phase. Thus, the objective of MoDIC'12 is to be an international forum for exchanging ideas on the latest and best proposals for the conceptual modeling surrounding this new data-drive paradigm with Big Data. Papers focusing on the application and the use of conceptual modeling approaches (e.g. based on EER, UML and so on) for Big Data, MapReduce, Hadoop and Hive, Big Data Analytics, social networking, Security and privacy data science, etc. will be highly encouraged. The workshop will be a forum for researchers and practitioners who are interested in the different facets related to the use of the conceptual modeling approaches for the development of this next generation of applications based on these Big Data.


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