MoBiD 2013
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1st International Workshop on Modeling and Management of Big Data
November 11-13, 2013, Hong Kong
To be held in conjunction with the
32nd International Conference on Conceptual Modelling (ER2013)


The scope of the workshop includes several aspects of conceptual modeling in data-driven paradigm, but is not limited to:
  • Agile modeling
  • Advanced applications with MapReduce paradigm
  • Application design
  • Big Data Analytics
  • Business Process Modeling
  • Business Intelligence applications's modeling
  • Conceptual modeling approaches (UML, EER, etc.) for Big Data
  • Conceptualization for data-drive paradigm
  • Data-driven businesses
  • Enterprise modeling
  • Fundamentals of Hadoop: data integrity and file-based data structures
  • Hadoop versus MapReduce
  • Hive and Hadoop: Architecture and File System
  • Hive as a tool to enable easy data extract/transform/load (ETL)
  • Hive and Hadoop: examples of applications (yahoo, facebook, etc)
  • Information packaging
  • Knowledge management for big data
  • Metamodeling
  • Measurement for social network data
  • Need to develop a MapReduce applications
  • New modeling approaches for Big Data
  • Interface design
  • Model-driven development methodologies and approaches
  • Model transformations
  • Provenance modeling
  • Process modeling
  • Relational Database Management System-RDBMS versus MapReduce
  • Requirements modeling for Web-based applications
  • Social networking, Security and privacy data science
  • Software As a Service (SaS) modeling solutions
  • Use of Hive and Hadoop in social networks
  • Visualization of big data
  • Analytics for complex data
  • Data analytics as a service
  • Data mining over the cloud
  • Extracting, Transforming and Loading data over the cloud
  • Smart Cities

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