Juan C. Trujillo wins the 2019 ER Fellow Award

Juan Carlos Trujillo, professor at the University of Alicante in the Department of Computer Languages and Systems and founding partner of Lucentia LAB - a company located in Torre Juana – Open Space Technology has been awarded the ER Fellow 2019 Award.     The ER Fellows Award is an honor given to selected individuals [...]

Walt Disney also uses Big Data

Walt Disney, one of the world’s largest and most highly valued companies according to the prestigious Forbes magazine, has developed a Big Data system for the collection and analysis of visitor activity data at its theme parks, which has so far been implemented at its Orlando park in Florida. Every year 100 million people visit […]

Big pharma companies bet on BIG DATA partnership

This week, 3 different initiatives have emerged in the pharmaceutical industry to share their information. The most ambitious one has been the Data Sphere Project, which was announced a few days ago, where clinical diagnostic data will be shared for cancer research. Right now the number of datasets is small, but there is already a […]

Second edition of the Workshop Modelling and Management of Big Data (MoBiD 2014)

It is now announced the Call for Papers for the second edition of the International Workshop on Modeling and Management of Big Data (MoBiD 2014), which includes topics such as Big Data, Big Data Analytics, Conceptual modeling approaches for Big Data, integration with Hadoop and MapReduce, Data Mining on Big Data, Smart Cities, etc… This […]

Seventh iStar Workshop (2014)

The Call for Papers for the Seventh International i* Workshop on target modelling using i*, GRL, Tropos and other related frameworks is now open. This year the workshop will be held in conjunction with the 26th International Conference on Advanced Information Systems Engineering (CAiSE ’14). The Workshop will be held on 16-17 June 2014. Contributions […]

Google launches an observatory to strengthen the digital economy

The technology firm Google, the consulting firm Analistas Financieros Internacionales (AFI) and the Institute of Economics of the University of Alicante have created the Observatory for the Analysis and Economic Development of the Internet. The new forum, which will be directed by university professor and former rector Andrés Pedreño, aims to study the impact of […]

It’s official: Turing Machine is the biggest innovation

Funny how we love making lists and ranks the best of whatever. It seems the very essence of humanity, even the Hellenes chose the 7 wonders of the old world . There are more judicious and scientific using indicators contrasted such as the ranking of universities , tennis players, the most touristic countries or the top […]

Turing Year

ALAIN TURING This year, 2012, is the year of Turing, the year of computer science. The Sociedad Científica Informática de España, and on its behalf the President Francisco Tirado, is pleased to invite you to the opening ceremony of the Turing Year to be held on Wednesday 27th June at 12:30 h in the Paraninfo […]